There’s nothing like a little healthy competition


$20/person  – (minimum 15 people)
You’ll find this to be, hands down, one of the greatest events to enhance a holiday party, office retreat, guys’/gals’ night out, or family get-together. At our tables, it’s so much fun that the houseguest always wins!
Play for bragging rights and camaraderie; we can promise at our tables, the house-GUEST always wins! Extend the night and book one of our luxurious rooms, or come early and enjoy our fabulously fun ‘Downtown Sandpoint Scavenger Hunt’.

(Playing for chips and winner status only; no monetary betting involved.)


  • Three hours of Poker at two tables
  • Two Poker Dealers provided
  • Bar snacks, water/tea/coffee, and non-alcoholic “Poker Punch”
  • Poker Night Champion prizes for the winners at each table
  • Takes place in the Nooma Escape  (

Perfect for a bridal party or a group of friends and family!

“If you’re playing a poker game and you look around the table and can’t tell who the sucker is, it’s you.”

~ Paul Newman

*All only one mile from downtown Sandpoint!
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All activities are offered with at least one room booking.