About Heather Pedersen

Welcome, Wonderful Guest! 

I’m Heather Mehra-Pedersen, CEO (Chief Experience Officer) of Talus Rock Retreat. It is my absolute pleasure to share the place we call home with you. While it was never my life’s dream to run a lodging retreat, God seemed to provide an undiscovered passion and grant me the gift of hospitality to make a wonderful living. Fueled by my ability to create space, I tapped into my mother’s creative gene and hired some extremely talented contractors. With the encouragement of an awesome and patient, husband who gave me free rein and wings, I executed what I describe as a “God-inspired artistic vision’ of Talus Rock Retreat.

Raised in a dual-culture (my father is from India) with a degree in Marketing from Lehigh University, I can’t help but wonder just how I ended up building an oasis in the Idaho Panhandle. More astounding still was the calling to share it. My life as an avid third-world traveler, combined with a diversified career (stockbroker, co-author, sign language interpreter, marketing consultant, money manager, orphan catcher, and business partner to a serial entrepreneurial veterinarian), made for an effective skill set to run a bustling lodging villa. Gratefully, I am supported daily by a hardworking, dedicated staff.  

 Additionally, as a creative workaholic, I thoroughly enjoy the physical labor of working the grounds and keeping the door open to welcome some of the coolest people on Earth.  In this compendium, I’ve laid out the whole story, from saving up to opening up. You’ll meet my family and our pets, as well as learn about the hiccups and trials of creating this respite. In addition, you might enjoy the many whimsical hidden surprises in and around the Retreat. Most of all, I tried to answer the questions every guest seems to ask as they settle in.

When I asked if we should stop running the Retreat, my oldest son, Kipling, replied, “No way, Mom, you can’t buy the entertainment that walks through this door!” It’s the thrill of hosting new people every day, the surprise encounters, enlightening conversations, and wonderful fellowship that drives me to show up and consistently work 12-hour days. I am continuously reminded of the idea someone once imparted: “To share with a friend is to see twice the beauty.”

Like Paul Harvey, says, “And now you know the rest of the story!”

Love lives here,