The Pedersen Family

A close family that strives to squeeze the life out of every minute, the Pedersens love to dream, create, serve, build, fly, mentor, and simply be involved in relationship. Together, their passion for adventure, people, and animal husbandry, combined with a heart for the underprivileged, this energetic family loves to explore the far corners of rural developing nations while practicing veterinary medicine and enjoying humanitarian work. With a sensitivity to world cultures, Heather and Bruce have been devoted to each other in both marriage and work, and use their God-given talents and abundance to serve others locally and overseas.

Heather Mehra-Pedersen

Heather’s career spans across a few industries from stockbroker to author, this Lehigh University graduate has worked with her husband in the veterinary field for over 2 ½ decades. As serial entrepreneurs (combined with a bad real estate habit), they cofounded in 2001 in an effort to make the world one big library. When not maintaining the vision and focus of daily operations at Talus Rock Retreat, touching base with their three young adult kids (Kipling, Rio and Selkirk), she is a sign language interpreter, and volunteers part time as Director of Asia for International Children’s Network when doing work for her own non-profit, She remains the ‘Yin’ to Bruce’s ‘Yang’ and, having lost their single engine at 5,000 feet, she (unlike Bruce) no longer enjoys flying in small planes.

Bruce Pedersen

Bruce is an adventure seeking, Renaissance man whose passion for the veterinary industry is unrivaled. As one of 5 veterinarians in the family, he is a seasoned and tenacious serial entrepreneur with a contagiously positive attitude who fervently believes in the greater good. Bent with vision to use technology and standardized staff training to revolutionize the veterinary industry, he is also a pilot, Mongo Derby judge (1600 horses, 9 vets total, 600 miles across Mongolia), 4x Iditarod veterinarian (also a Golden Stethoscope Award Winner), Co-founder of,, and and constructed and manages a large scale veterinary center and surgical referral hospital in ND and MT respectively. He loves to fly!

Kipling Pedersen

Kipling is following a career in his father’s (and grandfathers, aunt’s and uncle’s) footsteps. He will be licensed to practice veterinary medicine in four continents and has high aspirations to be a “World Vet” to enjoy his career while traveling the globe. Although eligible to graduate from Sandpoint High School at 13 years old, stayed enrolled to experience 3 senior years (and proms) while attending Stanford’s online program for gifted kids. His undergraduate years were spent enjoying a full ride at Montana State University where he milked their study-abroad program for 2 years backpacking Asia and Europe on a shoestring budget (sleeping in trees, on park benches and hopping night trains) before he turned 19. As part of his world-veterinary training, he has since studied Arabic for 2 years in Morocco, spayed dogs in Egypt, worked on an elephant preserve in Thailand, experienced a lambing rotation in Scotland, race horses in TX, darted wild animals in Portugal, participated in a Derby research project in Mongolia, and is finishing up at London’s Royal Veterinary College to be degreed and ready to hit the world in 2020.

Rio Pedersen

Rio is as energetic about her work as she is about her play, she loves to dance, scuba dive, and surf, and is fluent is French. After taking advantage of a full ride to Regis University, she holds a major in International Business with a trip minor in Programming, Communications, and French and has studied abroad in Peru, Chile and Patagonia. She loves to rock climb, pack her skins up ski mountains before sunrise and relishes the challenge of navigating foreign countries in Asia and South America. Mostly, she finds great joy in riding buses with chickens over bumpy roads while maneuvering through little brown countries–35 and counting so far. Not to let opportunity pass her by, this ambitious and talented millennial intends to finish her pilot’s license so she can continue traveling the world faster and make a living. She has worked with several startups and now resides in Norway working as a marketing consultant and doing part time ski-patrol for a local ski resort.

Selkirk Pedersen

The creative “wild child” in the mix, Selkirk spent his childhood skiing Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort, traveling, filming and creating impressive artistic videos and perfecting a bad Craigslist habit. By 20, he completed his helicopter pilot’s license and became a licensed realtor in North Dakota and Idaho. B the time he was 14, he managed to trade donkeys, tractors and school buses for snowmobiles, guns and campers and made enough money to fund a production studio. Keeping his family laughing (and his mother’s hair greying) with his wild up-trades, it was agreed that the youngest Pedersen could sell dirt-covered ketchup popsicles to Eskimo women in white gloves. After having fun in the ruggedness of Kyrgyzstan and shooting drone footage at the World Nomad Games, Selkirk came home to ground himself in local real estate market of the town he loves. Look for the streak across both land and air as this typhoon heads for the stars. (Oh, and if you’re looking to relocate to beautiful Sandpoint, ID and want a realtor who knows the area like the back of his hand, contact Selkirk directly at 208.610.4021 or via email: or see his real estate profle here:

Co-Founders of

(2001) BookCrossing – making the world a library by sharing books and promoting literacy reaching out to third world countries founded on the principle that the two things that change peoples’ lives are the books they read and the people they meet. This free global bookclub is a growing movement and a cross between a treasure hunt and a message in a bottle with over 2M members releasing more than 13M books in 140 countries.

(2005) VetExperts: The third largest veterinary center in the nation, Watford City Veterinary Center (a VetExperts hospital) seeks to become the Mayo Clinic of veterinary medicine and lead the industry in efficiency, innovation, and client satisfaction by continually improving every process that encompasses animal healthcare.

(2017) Wagstarter: Funding health and hope for pets, Wagstarter is a community of passionate animal lovers supporting sick and injured pets. Founded by veterinarians, Wagstarter passes 100% of your net donations directly to the clinics performing lifesaving care.

(2018) ButterflyCoins: A global experiment to inspire, track and celebrate the butterfly effect of random acts of kindness.