We believe that since vacations shouldn’t be tied to a schedule, breakfast shouldn’t be either!

We hope you enjoy our creative and scrumptious, high-quality morning meal. We find it a great way to cater to our guests who may or may not want breakfast, prefer to portion control themselves, may have special dietary needs, and who certainly don’t want to have to abide by a harried “on time” morning appointment!

While it is an upscale French Continental offering, if you’re feeling the hankerin’ for something hot, feel free to squeeze more eggs out of our nesting free-range gals, and help yourself to our fabulous kitchen.  Make ’em YOUR way so they will always be juuuuussst RIGHT!

Breakfast should be worth getting up for, and we’re delighted to offer the following wholesome menu.


  • *Organic Farm Fresh Eggs 
    • Indulge in a hard-boiled egg – the perfect whole food!
    • Experience joy by making your own egg delight in our shared gourmet kitchen!
  • *Greek Yogurt Parfait (fruit & yogurt & granola–layered in order of your morning mood!)
    •  Custom wholesome granola blends, sun-kissed fresh and dried fruit ( seasonal from the garden), hearty nuts
  • *Organic Raw Rolled Oats (add boiling hot water and toppings):
    • Sugar, milk, garden-picked berries, locally sourced raw honey, raisins, nuts
  • *Tavern Ham (boneless and fully cooked to perfection)
    • Enjoy as a side or use in a breakfast sandwich!
  • Fresh Breads, Bagels and *Tortillas (cranberry walnut loaf and savory sourdough & wheat breads, bagels & *gluten-free Artisan tortillas) with accompanying spreads & condiments:
    •  *Sweet-cream butter, delectable jams including spiced apple butter, jalapeño pepper jelly, orange marmalade with champagne, and Talus Rock’s favorite homemade seasonal preserves, cream cheese, local raw honey, staff-ground peanut butter
    • *Cherry tomatoes and assorted cheeses
  • Harvest Breakfast Strudel Bites
    • An eclectic assortment of apple, cherry, blueberry, and strawberry cream cheese (Talus Rock morning choice)
  • *Fresh Fruit
    • Sun-kissed strawberries, raspberries and blueberries & picked morning-fresh from Talus Rock Retreat’s gardens (when in season), or locally shopped for to provide the finest pink lady & golden delicious apples and ripe bananas.  



  • Gourmet Hot Chocolate (with mini marshmallows)
  • Fair Trade Coffee (selection du jour from Sandpoint’s favorite local coffee roasters supporting fair trade)
  • Fruit Juice (squeezed orange and purepressed country-style apple cider)
  • Worldly Tea (assorted both loose and bagged) (from around the globe including India, Uganda, Liberia, France, Japan and other love offerings from guests and friends!)
  • Fresh Mountain Water (from Talus Rock Retreat’s Artesian well)


Since we’re a luxury lodging villa akin to a bed & breakfast, we strive to ensure that our ‘breakfast’ rivals our ‘bed’!

At Talus Rock Retreat, we place a high value on being gentle on the earth. With an emphasis on ecological improvement, we seek to be self-sustaining and strive to work in sync with Mother Nature; we currently have over a dozen laying hens, an organic 80’ x 30’ garden and a small greenhouse where we start our plants. Come experience our home grown tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, peppers, carrots, zucchini, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries — often part of your breakfast. We squeeze our hens everyday for golden-yolked eggs!

Ingredients used to create your delectable Talus Rock Retreat morning buffet originate as close to home and the earth as possible. For those ‘extras’ that we’re unable to grow and harvest due to season or time, we buy direct from our local farmers, artisans, growers and cottage industry kitchens. We prepare your morning delight here in our kitchen by our resident most passionate culinarians and interns, whose love for cooking and sharing can be tasted in every bite. Join us for the most important meal of the day!


We believe that just because we have extra, doesn’t mean we should waste it. Very simply: We love our earth and we are called to be good stewards of it. Therefor, we recycle, we compost, and we reuse.