Our Pets

Our pets know the rules of the bed & breakfast: no barking, whining, jumping, scratching, biting or inappropriate sniffing will be tolerated (or back to the pound with ya!) In other words, anything less than perfect, well-mannered obedience will do around here.  AND, no matter what, the cute factor is most definitely part of the charm around here!


Aptly named (just look at her face), meet Panda! She is our wonderful border collie wire-haired terrier mix. The queen ice-breaker of Talus Rock Retreat was trained by the late “Talus”, her best friend and Retreat namesake blue heeler. You can usually find Panda lounging on the front stairs propping up the beam or sleeping with her nose between the iron rails looking over the Great Room. She is the fluffiest of our furry four-legged friends and that’s one of the reasons why we love her so much! Not only is she a good cuddle buddy ready to greet you on her back with a “Welcome home” position and a dog smile, but she’s a strong and independent lady setting a great and respectful example for the other pups. She’s got a big heart, a beautiful soul, lovely eyes, and an extremely kind, gentle and calm demeanor.


A fiery, rascal of a Mini-Australian Shepherd, Fiddle (full name “Francis Sinatra Fiddle McButterpants) loves the attention of our revolving door of daily guests. Wooing young and old with her wiggly stumped tail while batting her most notable asset (those stunning sapphire eyes), she is a people magnet. But all cuteness aside, don’t let this little blue-eyed beauty fool you…she is a high profile trouble maker known to take the stuffing out of a few of our home-grown chickens. Not much bigger than them, she only means to play, but please beware – there’s no telling when she’ll strike next! Slippers tend to disappear and she loves to burrow in cushions.


Ornery and mischievous with an oversized personality, our tiny but mighty Long-Haired Dachshund/Yorkie (we think) escaped from a North Dakota Indian reservation. First-hand evidence of seeing this stray monkey scale a 6′ chainlink fence, we’ve decided he is part cat. We absolutely delight in watching his bad case of the “zoomies” on display as he tears around in sheer joy when guests’ pets visit. With his trademark one-up-one-down ears, and catfish whiskers, he is extremely endearing. Oh, and his athletic prowess doesn’t stop with climbing; he also can jump like a large flea as seen here:


Technically not pets as we haven’t named our lovely free-range egg-laying breakfast blessings, our chickens live a lovely existence. Each morning, they roam their coop conversing about their last night’s dreams over breakfast of organic feed. In the afternoon, these fat hens enjoy a bug-eating busy stroll around the property for at least 3 hours rain or shine. By late afternoon, they are convened back in their humble abode bawking and chittering about their Talus Rock daily adventures. From what we can tell, it’s quite a lively conversation. And Yes, their eggs reflect their lives: fabulous!

Pet-Friendly Accomodations

We LOVE our furry friends.

  • Pending availability, there will be $20 per night/per pet (paws) fee and $40 per night per large animal. Please call 208.255-8458 for details.
  • Up to 2 pets are permitted per room in travelling kennels and pet beds. For the courtesy of our other guests, we insist any barking, whining, chewing or scratching pets remain at home.
  • Please, for respect for our future highly allergic guests, pets are positively/absolutely not permitted on furniture or beds (even with personal blanket coverings) and must be in a travelling kennel when left at Talus Rock Retreat unattended.
  • Pets must remain in your room or be leashed in the house or on Talus Rock Retreat property due to tame livestock and wildlife surrounding Talus Rock Retreat.
  • If a guest’s pet arrives at Talus Rock Retreat without prior authorization, we reserve our right of refusal and this may cause you disruption or result in the total or partial loss of your security deposit.
  • Please note, as some guests are allergic and sensitive to cats, we do not invite cats into the house, however, we would be pleased to arrange an overnight stay at a local pet lodge or accommodations outside of Talus Rock Retreat.


In response to the recent development of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to follow the latest advice and recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the local authorities in Sandpoint, Idaho. For up-to-date information and further details, please refer to the Idaho State Guidelines

Talus Rock Retreat has strong processes and support teams in place as we remain OPEN during this time. All staff has been informed in detail on essential preparatory and prevention measures – ranging from hygiene measures including increased cleaning and sanitizing frequency to social distancing standards.

We are continuously monitoring and following the changes in recommendations and guidelines of the local governments and the local health authorities, to continue working towards providing the best service possible while safeguarding the safety of our guests and associates, within the requirements issued by such local authorities.If you have questions regarding your reservation or our COVID-19 cancellation policy, please call us directly at 208-255-8458 or send us an email at 

Stay healthy and safe,
The Talus Rock Retreat Team