Work With Us!

Thank you for your interest in our exclusive and expansive internship opportunity here at Talus Rock Retreat–Idaho’s little slice of paradise. Nestled amongst the forest, hidden from the hustle and bustle of the world, Talus Rock Retreat is an escape from the ordinary. Here, we encourage ingenuity, growth, and augmentation of each and every individual that walks through our Talus Rock Retreat doors. 

Our retreat specializes in filling a niche for students and individuals in transitional phases of their lives. Whether it be college students taking a gap year or millennials in search of hospitality experience, we happily employ an abundance of lifestyles to further career oriented goals, promote a productive work ethic, and develop life skills. Surrounded by brilliant minds and successful role models, interns and employees excel in their positions and truly learn from the best. 

No two work days are the same at Talus Rock Retreat, and employees are regularly presented with new tasks and responsibilities. Because of the diverse work environment that the hospitality field presents, employees gain comprehensive knowledge in a wide variety of fields. From maintenance to office work and beyond, the training and expertise Talus Rock Retreat workers gain great experience in real life situations. These infinite skills are unparalleled and give employees a competitive edge in the workforce.

Encompassed by loving hearts and nurturing employers, employees feel ‘safe at home’. Talus Rock Retreat embodies a loving and compassionate environment where each individual is respected and encouraged. With secure, communal, on-site lodging, employees embrace and thrive in a family atmosphere. Located less than two miles from downtown Sandpoint, we’re located a block off Pine Street behind the Sandpoint West Athletic Club, and interns have access to a wide variety of small town activities and fun. At the Retreat, employees can enjoy amenities such as a pool and hot tub, fire pits, gardens, and a movie theater. We are perfectly situated on an 18-acre wilderness playground with walking trails and a spring fed, bass-stocked pond that includes paddle boats/boards and kayaks. 

We sincerely look forward to the opportunity to provide a terrific transition option for your young adult and providing some win-win synergy.



“This fast-paced, non-traditional internship needs an introduction! To give you an idea of what life is like at Talus Rock Retreat as a staff member I will tell you what I did on my first day as a summer intern. I started out the morning in the hot tub with the owner, Heather, training me on phone etiquette as we siphoned out dirt. Later, I played videographer for a small wedding on the grounds, and finally I finished out the day sitting behind the wheel of a ’73 Mercedes as the fix-it-man, Jay, towed me down the street by the moonlight. No two days are ever the same; the only constant being the endless stream of energy flowing in and out of the front doors. Always on the move, you must be adaptable with an ever-present easy smile and good humor.

You will be mentored by brilliant minds and giving hearts at a highly unconventional social venture. Constantly brushing shoulders with fascinating people (new WWOOFers, inn keepers, family members, hospitality interns, transitional young adults) each with a diverse skill set to share under the umbrella of a revolving door of movers and shakers (colorful guests at the retreat from fortune 500 CEOs to cyber attorneys; from grade school sweethearts celebrating their 60th anniversary to national geographic penguin photographers). This is not a place that hosts your cookie cutter, standardized guest; in fact nothing is standard about this place except exceptional service and adventure. This internship is a lifestyle, not for someone looking to punch a clock, but for someone who is invested in what TRR stands for – building relationships by creating a welcoming space for guests. All activities stem from this mission. The lines between work and personal become blurred, and you may be asking yourself if mushroom hunting, cherry drying, trail blazing, or sharing pizza and wine with guests is work or pleasure. We like it when it’s both. A certain richness and uniqueness comes with such an arrangement. While we understand that this internship is not for everyone, for some it is everything you could want in a job and in a home but did not know could exist together”.

–Kristy Friesen, Summer 2016 Intern


“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Talus Rock and especially all the new people I met everyday. Through the internship, I have been able expand my skill set and strengthen the skills I possessed coming into this position. My time spent working and learning showed me that I am truly passionate about entrepreneurial startups and working with executives Bruce and Heather Pedersen opened my eyes into how to effectively work with a start up. Their unique way of strategizing solutions and thinking out of the box has proven to be an effective method for their successful work. The various tasks I completed allowed me to understand what my strong suits are and what I want to work with in the future. Working with the Talus Rock team was a new challenge for me and resulted in a very gratifying experience. The Team was tight and I learned much about running a business and managing staff. For almost 5 months, I was able to practice my skills and refine my understanding. My work was diversified and meaningful, and I had the opportunity to travel with the Pedersens and participate in an executive internship helping with new product development and operational strategy behind the scenes. Because they are such a diversified and energetic family, life was never boring and my time flew by way too fast. My time at Talus Rock Retreat has most definitely positively affected both my professional and personal life, and I will forever be grateful for that. Of course, my English has improved immensely! ” 

–Alex Guzman, Summer/Fall 2018 Intern

“Interning at Talus Rock Retreat offered an opportunity both to develop as a professional as well as help with change and growth for the Retreat. As an intern, my thoughts and contributions were valued every day as I worked alongside respectful and welcoming staff. The mission of Talus Rock is inspiring and useful for anyone interested in nonprofit work, hospitality, team building, and more. This has been an excellent internship experience and has ended up turning into a full time executive position.” 

–Sara Gillmer, Intern to Staff 2018


“Before applying to Talus Rock Retreat for a summer internship, I didn’t have an idea of what my dream internship would be like. After interning here, I can say Talus Rock Retreat has set the bar pretty high for other internships to beat. I have gained a wealth of knowledge about many different things from the staff and the amazing people the Retreat has exposed me to during this internship. They really want their interns to have an exceptional learning experience while interning and really take the time to plan around it. The Talus Rock staff is very professional and highly organized, but also some of the friendliest people you will ever meet, embracing everyone and continuously striving to create positive change. This internship opportunity taught me so many new skills  The culture is very supportive, and I know that I will always have a family at Talus Rock Retreat.”

–Mayumi Anderson, Spring 2017

Jay Lewis

Jay Lewis came to the property in 2018 as a maintenance man extraordinaire, fitting Talus Rock Retreat like a hand in a glove. I find this ironic because he refuses to wear them when he works; even with working with things that are cold, splintery, sticky, dirty, or sharp. His hands, which he says are his most perfect tools, have callused fingers void of fingerprints. I would like to use the idiom of fitting like a Cinderella shoe, but he is far from a princess! Jay Lewis, a fourth-generation Sandpoint native, is a loyal and accountable team player but works best alone. There is nothing he can’t do.  “Anything another human can do, I can do!” is his constant claim—he will leave no stone unturned in figuring out solutions. From hauling heavy appliances and furniture up narrow sets of stairs alone, to backing out a 30’ long trailer through a maze of trees, his positive attitude is refreshing and contagious. A key piece of Talus Rock, Jay takes extreme pride in his work and as the quintessential maintenance man who makes all outdoor things neat and beautiful. His loyalty and 24/7 availability for all of Talus Rock Retreat’s maintenance emergencies combined with his kind demeanor makes him a priceless gift to the Retreat. Jay thrives on challenges and chainsaws and is the first to show up with sleeves rolled wherever there is a problem. When asked what he does in his free time? “Work. And work. Oh, and cut firewood. Now leave me alone, I have cattails to pull.” 

-Jay Lewis