We’ve been expecting you and have everything ready for your stay! We intend to provide a positively memorable, trouble-free, and restful sojourn from your busy life to renew your mind, body and soul. God has blessed us with abundance, and it is part of our mission to share His gifts with our friends, family and visitors like you. We’ve bootstrapped, scrimped and sacrificed for over two decades to build Talus Rock Retreat and have entrusted you, your family, and your friends to enjoy the abundance that we’ve worked hard to earn.


When Bruce Pedersen and Heather Mehra married back in 1994, they vowed that if they ever became financially blessed, they would build something to give back to God and serve those who serve others.

This Retreat is their love letter to you and to those in the world’s trenches–especially soldiers, nurses, missionaries, pastors and teachers. After 20+ years of scrimping, saving, sacrificing, risking, bootstrapping combined with plenty of blood, sweat and tears, Talus Rock Retreat was built over a four-year period with everything they had saved and borrowed. While there were many skilled craftsman to execute the out-of-the-box architectural gem, there is no doubt that Bruce’s fingerprints are all over the bottom (the form, function and mechanics), and Heather’s are all over the top (the interior design, organic textures, and rustic furnishings). The art, details, and decor from around the world – most of which have been personally hand-carried from mission trips Asia, Africa, and South America – create an eclectic, interesting and comfortable space in which to relax and enjoy a unique stay.

At the heart of our day-to-day operations, The Pedersens seek to maintain their mission of sharing and are grateful for the opportunity to steward this place they are blessed enough to call ‘home’.