Nearby Hikes And Nature Trails

‘Riddle of the Rock’ Activity Trail In the spring of 2019, I wanted to add something fun to the trail and dreamed up the idea to create activity stations. It took a few winters and some long train and car rides to develop a riddle, a hidden duck hunt, and clever station ideas; to say […]


Your stay matters. The premise of Talus Rock Retreat was for the Pedersen family to share their essential vision and abundance not only with family and friends but with others seeking a place of solace, refuge and reprieve from life’s hardships or fast paced, energy draining occupations – a place for people to renew and […]

Work With Us!

Thank you for your interest in our exclusive and expansive internship opportunity here at Talus Rock Retreat– Idaho’s little slice of paradise. Nestled amongst the forest, hidden from the hustle and bustle of the world, Talus Rock Retreat is an escape from the ordinary. Here, we encourage ingenuity, growth, and augmentation of each and every […]